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s had at Prep School are the cousins, Larry and Carl, who believe it's mandatory that one of the parties in a gay relationship be dominant over the other. During summers, at their parents' vacation house in Maine, Carl is dominant over Larry... and while boarding at Prep school, as roommates and sex partners, Larry is the dominant one zoo xnxx over Willie. Now Willie feels he's the dominant partner in our summer relationship. As far as I can make out, the dominant partner administers discipline to his underling in the form of a spanking when necessary. Maybe in other ways as well, but I xnxx videos don't know what they are. So, this is the reason I don't have a glowing smile on my face at the moment... it's the absurd allegiance Willie has to doing things Larry's way. To be fair I should add that my initial self "outing" came through the tutelage of one of the cousins,Carl... so initially, I too believed there was a need for a dominant party in a gay relationship. I was not under the impression it was going to be gay xnxx me. Over the past few months though I've come to see that it's not necessary to have that type of relationship just because you're gay. You can have one porn xnxx if you like, but it's not necessary. I like little indian xnxx parts of the "dominance game" during sex, but vina garut xnxx none of it the rest of the time... which is to say, most of the time. Apparently Larry has been telling his protegee Willie to get tougher with me and indo xnxx Willie's struggling with xnxx desi that concept xnxx cina at the xnxx porn moment. It's not a game to Willie, xnxn he's one hundred percent serious about his need to be a dominant figure in my life. And, what makes it harder for me to dismiss his idea, and maybe dismiss him too, is that xxnx Willie loves me. He's tamil xnxx real sure about that, and another reason I can't just blow him off is that I'm close to loving him too... he's so cute, so generous, so sexy, so much fun! and deep down inside, he's a true sweetheart. He just can't get past this dominance thing which he feels is his responsibility. He thinks if he doesn't take a strong hand with me, we won't last as a "couple"... as boyfriends, and I'm positive he desperately wants us to remain boyfriends. We were quiet as we showered free porn and when Willie www xnxx com had xnxx indonesia me as clean as bokep xnxx clean can be he hugged me and whispered in my sunny leone xnxx ear, "I love you, Dylan". Then I shampooed his hair and washed his slim tight body, which by the way, also has a great ass as part of the hot package known as Willie Worthington. As I washed him I thought wwwxnxx of all the pluses in our "boyfriend" relationship, and then I tried to think of the minuses, you xnxx barat know, in school it was called a T chart or something like that. Good points video xnxx on one side and negative ones on the other. I could think of many positive xnxx porno points, but I couldn't think of bad ones, except the dominance thing. The bottom www xnxx line is I want to be Willie's boyfriend so I told myself to listen to him at dinner and give him xnxx jav the benefit of the xnxx. com doubt. I can surely tolerate 'some' nonsense... xnxx selingkuh especially if the other part of the vina garut xnxx experience is wildly positive. I'm certainly not perfect myself, so xnxx download why should I expect Willie to be. Try the art of compromise... videos xnxx maybe, I give in on this and Willie gives in on that. Just then, Willie broke into xnxx mom my thoughts by saying, "Don't look so serious, Dylan. I'm not going to dump you at dinner, baby. We'll work it out." I pretended I didn't xnxx hd hear that because it pissed me off that he would assume I was worried he'd dump me, that's the least of my worries. I'd just gotten myself thinking positively again so I didn't want to lose that frame of mind by commenting on the supposed "dumping". Best to simply not respond to that comment, and instead say, "I think you have a hot, hot body for a skinny boy, sweetheart." Willie frowned at me... heh heh, probably because I used the term of endearment he has been using for xnxx/ me. I sex video smiled at him in a nice way and he couldn't help himself, he smiled back and we kissed quickly just as I was turning the shower water off. porno xnxx I wanted to take the initiative in deciding when our shower was over. You know, get Willie use to us taking sex turns deciding things. Baby porn steps toward equality. Hey, maybe a bumper sticker with that phrase would xxxx be good. I chuckled to myself and Willie porn xnxx frowned again, then said, "I wish I could read your mind, xxx video Dylan" and then he dried my hair with a big white fluffy motel towel. We took turns drying xxx each other xnxx hot and then got dressed. Willie and I brushed up our flattops which we'd porno trained to stand-up on their own pretty much. Willie nodded his head with approval at my hair, reached over to pull the cross xxx video out from beneath my button up japan xnxx the front shirt so that it showed outside my shirt and then cupped my face in both hands to kiss my lips and say, "You're the cutest boy I've ever seen. I feel so lucky that you've been my boyfriend." I told him thanks and that xnxx porno I was lucky he was my boyfriend too, but later I wondered about the past xnxx arab tense sound of the word xnnx "been" in Willie's statement. As we left the motel suite Willie put his arm around my waist like he usually does. I xnxx porn stopped in my tracks and asked him not xnxx selingkuh to walk with me like that xnxx tv unless we were in a gayborhood, which is to say, a neighborhood that was gay friendly... like that neighborhood in Cambridge. Willie, in turn, urged me not to worry about xnxx asia what other people thought, that we weren't hurting anyone and should be able to walk together anyway we wanted. We stood outside our room, on the balcony, and argued about this. My point was that it didn't matter if we should be allowed to walk anyway we wanted, the reality is that walking like that is flaunting our relationship, our xnxx com sexuality, in everyone's face... and, for certain people that's the only excuse they need to cause trouble. Why seek trouble? I took his arm and put it around my neck like Mike Sullivan walked with his boyfriend Richie. I said, "Please Willie, can't you have your arm around my neck like this?" He looked angry, then hesitated and changed to an exasperated expression on xxx xnxx his face, and then he goes, "Oh, OK, if it means so much to you." And off we went looking more like good buddies then boyfriends... well, at least they'd be a chance bystanders might think we weren't boyfriends if we walked this way, the other porn videos way was like a sign around my neck screaming... "WE'RE QUEER!!!" Truth is, I usually like Willie holding on to me, but it makes me feel self conscious in crowds of straight people. And, xnxx .com going back to the topic of "baby steps to equality", I feel pretty good about winning this little victory of getting us walking together the way I prefer... it's a start. In the car driving to the restaurant I was pleased with myself, but Willie had a irritated look on his face so I waited a few seconds and reached over to squeeze the back of his neck and desi xnxx say, "Thanks, xnxx teen Willie".... to try and make him feel better. He looked over and softened his xnxx videos expression to say, "Oh, it's nothing. You're welcome. I'm trying to figure out how to start my 'talk' with you, that's why I'm so xnxx/ quiet. You're kind xnxx sex videos of so sensitive, and all." I nodded my head xvideos that, yeah, I am, and left it at that. The restaurant wasn't far and Willie had a reservation so we got this good table with a view of the bay. It was dark by now, but they had the place lit up pretty good. Willie ordered buffalo wings as an appetizer for us to share. While we waited for it Willie said, "Look at your menu, Dylan, so you know what you want. Then we can xnxx 2019 talk without being interrupted." I surprised myself by feeling kind xnxx 2019 of nervous... he was so serious, and even xnxx indian though I know it's dumb, I had that nervous feeling because, all of a sudden, Willie had adopted this authoritative xnxx com/ aura about sunny leone xnxx him, it kinda gave me a buzz... weird! Hell, it was only six weeks ago he had hyperventilated trying to be stern with me. That was in porno his own bedroom during his mother's birthday xnxx movies party... now he seems to have gotten his feet under him and he's acting more confidently. "You decided yet Dylan?" I looked up and said, "Is she-crab soup for a starter OK, and then deep fried soft shell crab with french fries for my main course?" Damn, I was acting tentative and I hate when vidio xnxx I do that. Willie said, "That's fine, I'll tell the site xnxx waiter. Now, put the menu down and listen to me. Look at me!" I looked him in the eyes and he said, "I xnxx stories told you earlier today that I wasn't breaking up with you, but that's not exactly true. This will be our last date, and I mean this dinner tonight, unless you xnxx .com straighten yourself out. It's hard for me to have to say these things because I love you, but it simply won't work for the two of us if you think you can xvideo push me around and treat me any way you want to." He stopped to give xnxxcom me a challenging look, like... "are you going to disagree" or "do you have anything to say for yourself".... it was like that. Taken totally by surprise again.... shocked, really. Willie is always taking me by surprise. The last thing I thought he'd be talking about is breaking up. Hell, sex videos he says he's in love with me every twenty minutes. I go, "Ah, xvideos I don't want to break-up with you, Willie. Why are you talking like this?" My heart was thumping a little bit now because he's so intense nxxn and indian xnxx sincere I know he's totally serious. Willie, acting pissed-off now, says, "You take me for granted. No call from you on Monday, you call Tuesday only because you found out your brother wouldn't be here this weekend. You don't think to mention that you're having your body pierced... you don't even mention it, never mind asking me, your boyfriend, what I thought about it. When I tell you I've researched for a barbershop we can go to together to get our flattops mom xnxx done correctly, xxnxx a flattop that I got because of you in the first place, and one I'll be punished for when we go up to Maine. To all that, xnxx sex what do I hear from you?... you say, let's get mohawks, or some damn thing. You're not the indian xnxx least bit considerate, never-mind grateful that I went to the trouble I went through finding that barbershop, or arranging for my motel room, or this restaurant, or that sex videos I got this reservation, or anything really. You disrespect xnxn me at every turn, and xnnx I'm the dominant lead in our relationship ... god only knows how you'd treat me if xnxxx I was the submissive one. Is there anything you have to say that might make me change my mind about breaking up with you?" Well, a xnxx mom couple of things came to mind... Chubby isn't my xxnn brother of course, and I never asked Willie to xnxx xnxx desi get the flattop haircut in the first place, and I'm not going to Maine. What were the other things he said? It doesn't matter because I could hardly believe my ears when he said this could be our last date ever, and I could hardy believe when my eyes started watering right then either, but xnxx com they did. I had to wipe across my eyes with the back of my wrist. Willie was unmoved, but he xxx xnxx didn't have xnxx japan a particularly mean expression on his face, more like a sad one. I said, "Why are you saying this. Why www.xnxx do you want to break up when we're having so much fun together? I give in to things you want to do, and all that. You can be the lead boyfriend, it's OK with me. I xnxx telugu don't mind. You know I'm new to this gay relationship thing anyway." Willie shook his head as if I xxnxx still wasn't getting "it", then gave examples of me not paying attention to him and of how I disrespected xnxx indo him. "For instance, Dylan. Getting your ear pierced without even mentioning it to me sex xnxx is humiliating to me, and I'm embarrassed that you did that videos xnxx to me. I'm your boyfriend and you don't even fucking mention it... you've never mentioned it once in all the times we've been out together." Willie had me https // thinking to myself how ironic that I was feeling so cocky just fifteen minutes ago making the point about Willie walking with his arm around my waist... and now, I'm feeling lost. Have I really been insensitive to Willie? I guess I can see xnxx vina garut some things from www xnxx his viewpoint. All of a sudden it was clear to me that I absolutely did not want to lose Willie. There are other minor things for sex xnxx me to consider at this time also, for example, my Mom and Tris are having guys over the house right now , so if Willie breaks-up tonight, like he said, and drops me off back there xnxx asia I'll have no place to stay the night. He was staring at me and tapping the table xvideo in an annoying manner while I tried to think of what to do or say. Quite quickly I began xnxx japanese leaning toward the tactic of going along with whatever he said, and just see how much of it made sense. It's been my number one tactic since becoming gay... go alone with things for now, and sort it out later. I could always opt out of everything with him if it gets too ridiculous. So, without intending for it to come out sounding pathetic, like it did anyway, xnxx sex video with my voice sort of cracking and zoo xnxx whining, I said, "I'm really sorry, Willie. I really, really apologize! What can gay xnxx I do to make it up to you?" Willie sat back in xnxx jepang his chair and slowly rubbed his hands together. It looked like he was doing some fast xnxx hindi thinking because, maybe, he didn't expect me to be so contrite. I didn't feel like looking at him for fear I'd make a face or something when he said what was on his mind... I swear, I www xnxx com never know what he might come up with. www xnxx After about thirty seconds he leans forward with his elbows on the table and xnxx indo says, xxnx xnxx jav "Look at me." Just then the waitress sets down the buffalo wings and asked, "You boys ready to order?" Without looking up, Willie says, "Give us a few more minutes". She leaves and he says, "Tell me you'll accept the discipline I feel you need. That's all you have to say. Tell me this... Yes Willie, I accept your discipline." I swallowed and asked, "What is it? The discipline, I mean." japan xnxx Willie explained it's his job to decide what is appropriate and it's my xnxx hindi job to accept whatever he decides. I had a random rational moment in my head and a few thoughts slipped in. For one, I wondered if this is the sort of xxxx thing that the "mohawk man" was talking about when he said all us cute little gay boys are "playing" at gay sex. That's xnxx. one thought, and another was... how bad could sweet Willie's punishment be? And another thought, why throw away all the possible future fun and games with Willie because my porno xnxx pride won't give in on this crazy idiosyncrasy of his. I told myself to give it a try... like I said, xxn I can always opt out later if Willie is unrealistic. Still, it free porn was hard to say. I looked down at the table and mumbled,"Yes, Willie... xnxx teen I accept your discipline" and Willie added, "Whatever you decide, Willie" so I repeated that too and he sat back in his chair again, looked at me and said, "That wasn't videos xnxx so hard, was it, baby?" I said, "I guess not" but I had a pout on that my Mom, Tris and Chubby would recognize and, of course, they'd try to do something to get me xnxx. com to smile or laugh. Willie waited a couple of minutes while I was frowning, pouting, and looking everywhere except at him, then he snapped, "Stop xnxx india that right now! Look at xnxx korea me..." when I looked up he said, "eat a buffalo wing and smile". I tried to xnxxcom get grumpier looking, but he made a cute face and said, "Dylan, buffalo wing" so I picked one up and willed myself to try to stop acting like a toddler-being-sent-to-bed. "Dip it xxx xnxx in that sauce. It's good." Willie tamil xnxx pointed to a creamy looking sauce with blue/green specks, I dip xnxx download the wing and took a bite. Oh japan xnxx my god, the sauce was just like the salad dressing Willie's chef made for us on our second date, or was it the third? I couldn't help but smile a little. The wing was hot but the blue cheese dressing was xnxx stories cool. "Your chef made xxx videos it better" I said and Willie went on a long story about how his mother bribed a chef away from a restaurant to be the Worthington's chef. xnxx videos She stole him away from a prominent Boston xnxx video restaurant about two years ago... I'd xnxx download never heard of the restaurant. Willie xnxx sex video appeared to be back to being the Willie I knew or maybe I didn't really "know" Willie after all, maybe he was just back to being the Willie I'm familiar with. Our waitress came back and Willie ordered more buffalo wings and large iced teas. The more he talked the more relaxed I became xnxx/ and he was as nice now as he's xnxx movies ever been. I was so glad I'd decided to swallow my pride and accept Willie's deal. It made me consider this... why do I think my idea of xnxx tv how a relationship should go is better than Willie's idea of one. I was still into the concept of compromise and Willie xnxx tamil compromised with the arm around the waist thing and I compromised with the stupid punishment thing. Flashing through my brain was the last discipline I'd ever received, other than the mohawk man... it was from the Marine, and it was basically for the same xnxx app reason Willie is going to discipline me... I disrespected him. Am I self centered and do I ignore other people's right to be respected? Is that me? Just because I don't agree with nxxn something, doesn't make me right, does it? I can be wrong too. Once again, it's confusing to me. I'll xnxx jepang sort it out later, but for now I'll work xnxx bokep through things with Willie the best I can so we can have a fun weekend together. The waitress drops off our iced tea and the additional buffalo wings and says, "I'll be back in a minute for your order". Willie has a mischievous grin on his face and says, "Dylan, I memorized some more xnxx bokep stuff for dinner conversation. We need some laughs after the gloom I laid on our dinner. That's over with for right now. This is funny..." I'm thinking, how the hell does he memorize these long, detailed, jokes. Willie begins: This guy, Norman, from Maine was visiting his cousin in Texas at the time of the annual Chili cook-off. Norman's been known to brag about how he preferred hot, spicy foods so his cousin asked him to be a porn xnxx judge at the cook-off. They'd be plenty https // of spicy chili and plenty of free beer for the judges too. His cousin warned him that Texas chili might be hotter than Maine chili, but Norman dismissed that with a wave of his hand. Scorecards for each chili tasting would reflect the notes from the three judges about each chili, the two judges from Texas and Norman, who was judge #3. 1st xnxx hot Texas chili the judges tasted...Monster xnxx bokep Chili judge #1's notes... too heavy on the tomato taste judge #2's notes...Nice. Mild. judge #3's notes... Holy shit! What the hell site xnxx is in this stuff. You zoo xnxx could remove dried paint from your driveway with this. Took me two wwwxnxx beers to put xnxx telugu the flames out. This must be the xnx hottest one! 2nd Texas chili...Afterburners judge #1... smoky with a bokep xnxx hint of pork judge #2... Ok, but needs more peppers to be taken seriously judge #3... Keep this out of the reach of children! I tasted nothing but pain... I was gagging so badly I had to wave off two people mom xnxx xnxx gay who wanted xnxx indian to give me the Heimlich maneuver. More beer!! By now both Willie and I are working up some good laughs... inciting each other. I could just see this guy Norman with his mouth hanging open xnxx hot and fanning it with his hand as xnxx sex video the chili got spicier and spicier. As with all Willie's stories, the funniest part for me is Willie... face real red, gagging from laughing so xnxx asia hard at his own jokes. He can hardly get xnxx anime xnxxx the words out. This was exactly what we needed to put Willie's lectures behind us. Willie catches his breath , takes hold of my wrist and says, "There's more, there's more" and he goes on: 3rd Texas Chili... Black Magic judge #1... Great kick judge #2... a bit too salty judge #3... Call the EPA! xnxx jav I've located a uranium spill. My nose feels like I've xnxx sex videos been snorting Drano. Everyone knows the routine by now... get me more beers and pound xnxx. on my vidio xnxx back to get me to stop coughing and start breathing. 4th Texas chili... Lip Remover judge #1... Disappointing, expected a kick. judge #2... Was xnxx sex that a hint of lime in the beans? judge xnxx barat #3... My ears are xnxx ringing, sweat is xnxx tamil pouring off my xnxx korea forehead and I can no longer focus my eyes. I farted, and four people behind me needed paramedics. The bartender saved my tongue from catching on fire by pouring beer directly on it from the pitcher. It pissed me off that the other judges said my constant screaming was making them lose concentration. Fuck them! I begged Willie to stop because my stomach hurt so xnxx anime much from laughing... it was ridiculous. I'd already xnxx japan knocked over a water glass pounding the table, and xnxx cina now I felt dizzy. xnxx india It's the exact kind of xnxx arab humor that can get me to pee my pants. Outrageous situation, with some poor sap caught in the middle. Oh my God, we laughed at that xnxx selingkuh poor bastards discomfort. Willie said there were four more chili "tastings" each one of them hotter, but he'd tell me about them another time and I was grateful for the respite. Jeez, that was some sex videos funny shit, especially compared to the earlier dinner conversation. I guess video porno Texan chili is a tiny bit hotter that Maine chili. I like chili, but xnxx 2019 ours is kind of mild I guess, certainly when compared to that. The waitress came over and asked Willie if we're ready xxxx to order. desi xnxx Wonder why she didn't ask me? He gave her both xxx our orders. Willie got a whole lobster for dinner and a mixed green salad for starters. Willie had some other humorous jokes and some interesting xnnn factoids too. I tried to remember a couple to test Chubby with sometime. I told Willie the factoid I'd gotten from Google about the average penis size being as porno xnxx short as three and a half inches. He refused to believe it. xnxx app Of course, his penis is over seven inches long so I can understand it being difficult for him to porn believe there are guys running around xnxx japan with three and a half inch dicks. I'm going to be checking pecker sizes out much more closely this year in gym, especially the shy boys who wait till the www.xnxx last second to jump under those communal showers... should be fun spotting xnxx mom a three and a half inch dick bobbing around. By the time we got to the dessert it was hard to believe we'd had that awkward beginning to the dinner. I sex xnxx felt good again and asked Willie, "Come on Willie, please tell me what my discipline is going to be." I was talking in a pretend baby voice, but Willie responded in a serious sex one, "It's no joke vidio xnxx Dylan. We have our fun times and our serious times... discipline is one of the serious times." Well, that tamil xnxx put the damper back on xnnn xnxx korea the festivities, but I just nodded my head in agreement. I had agreed to go along with Willie and I will, if at all possible. I almost chuckled though from imagining Willie giving me a spanking. I've had only two real spankings in my life, both since realizing I was gay. One from the Marine and one from mohawk man. I don't think Willie's will be approaching anywhere near the level of those two. Willie paid our xnxx video bill with a hundred dollar bill, the first one I've ever seen, and we walked outside to a beautiful summer night. I sex wanted us to be light-hearted in spirit again porno so I put my arm around Willie's neck and hugged him a bit. There was still a line waiting for tables xnxx sex even though it was late. A lot japanese xnxx of chit xxn chatting going on and the usual activity of people milling around and making new acquaintances as they waited for there "party" to be called. With my arm around Willie's neck, he xnxx hd slipped his hand inside the video porno back of my shorts and under my boxer's waistband. His hand was on my bare ass. "Don't Willie. Not free porn here for Christ sake, look at all these people". Willie goes, "Just be still"... he was not sounding at all as if he were in the same jovial mood as me. He has long hands video xnxx and long fingers... Willie is a bit longish in every department. The pad on his middle finger was rubbing my hole and I gasp, "No Willie. Wait till were in the car at least". In goes his finger to xnxx japanese the first joint. I had to bend forward a little, my arm slipping off xnxx japanese his shoulder so wwwxnxx now I was just holding the back of his neck with my hand. Willie slowly xnxx com/ pushed his finger up xxnn to the second knuckle and I bent forward a little more with my hand slipping off Willie and reaching vina garut xnxx behind me xnxx porno to grab his wrist as his finger goes up me as far as it could. He fucks me a number of times with xnxx telugu that finger and then, japanese xnxx turning his finger over, gently rubs and massages the prostate gland and especially the lobes on either side of it... gently. I felt like I www.xnxx was going to cum almost immediately. I had to take a pee too, I'd held off xnxx gay going pee here because the restaurant lavatory was crowded and I can't start a pee if xnxx vina garut a lot of activity is xnxx hindi going on around me. The xnx walnut shaped prostate Willie was massaging is right below the bladder, Willie was bumping xxx videos mine as he massaged my prostate so I was on the verge xnxx india of either peeing my pants or cuming in sunny leone xnxx my pants. I begged in a whisper, "Please Willie, don't!" but he continued bumping my bladder as he gently massaged my prostate, then long finger thrusts up my hole for ten or twelve time before sex video going back to the gentle massage. The finger xnxx. com fucking gave me a hard on and xnxx hd the massaging had me ready to cum, or pee, or both. As I continued porn videos to whisper begging pleas for Willie to stop, it occurred to me indo xnxx we were being observed. We were at the entrance to the parking lot, but people in line could www xnxx com see us... they most definitely wouldn't know what was actually going on though... too bizarre for the average person to even think of. Willie finally said something, "Let it go, relax and let it happen and then we'll leave." I went, "No, lets go to the car. porn I'm going to pee my pants." Willie started walking me toward the line of people so I said, "OK, OK, I will" and I relaxed and out came a lot of cum, and a little pee. The front of my pants quickly soaked through. It was mostly cum because I recognized that unmistakable feeling immediately, but it wasn't like an aroused explosion at all. It felt good, but nothing like a regular climax. And xnxx indonesia that initial shot of cum was followed by more pee as Willie continued to push against my full bladder. Ou